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How Turn Yr Ex Boy Toad Kt Nick Kelsh

How Turn Yr Ex Boy Toad Kt

Nick Kelsh

ISBN : 9785559106601
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 About the Book 

Hot on the heels of his bestselling How to Be Santa Claus, photographer-philosopher Nick Kelsh turns his often irreverent and frequently poignant eye to the subject of what it means to be Dad.This primer for fatherhood begins with the question that gives many a man a sleepless night: just who do you think you are to be someones father? Drawing on his relationship with his own father, and his experience as a father to his own now-preteen son, Kelsh explores the humor, the remorse, and the bewildering territory that comes with being a dad.New dads and granddads alike will find a wealth of practical tips on fatherhood (and photos to reinforce them) that Kelsh has learned along the way. For example: When you are in a store at midnight buying diapers, know that this is the twenty-first-century version of fending off saber-tooth tigers. And when it is clear that your children think you are a less-than-perfect parent, understand that it will be decades before they recognize the perfection of your parenting.Although Kelsh puzzles over the question of where our concepts of fatherhood come from, he knows that all dads share a common bond: No man can give birth to a child, but no woman can give a fathers love. For Fathers Day, or any day, here is the perfect gift for all of the dads in your life.-- The perfect Fathers Day -- or any day -- gift for Dad at a great price-- A new book from the author of the best-selling How to Be Santa Claus, which has 100,000 copies in print-- A humorous yet touching look at the relationship between fathers and their children