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Moonrise Falling Adrian L. Jawort

Moonrise Falling

Adrian L. Jawort

Published January 5th 2015
Kindle Edition
282 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

From the wildly imaginative mind of Adrian L. Jawort comes a dauntless and gritty noir style tale that conveys you deep into the minds and lives of anti-heroes A.D. and the unforgettable Deedra. Straying back toward the cover of darkness that made Anne Rice popular, prepare yourself for a mind-blowing paranormal trip that will seep deep into your psyche in this 21st Century anti-Twilight novel.Renown as a fearless and bold writer in both his non-fiction and fiction works, Adrian L. Jawort says, “You cannot create your own writing voice by continually drowning it out with the voices of what others may or may not think.” Hes also curator and contributor of the very well-received and original Off the Path volumes of literary short stories featuring American Indian and Indigenous writers. He’s written freelance journalism and op-ed articles and fiction for some 13 very odd years at various national and indie publications.