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The War Bride Martha Rhynes

The War Bride

Martha Rhynes

Published October 11th 2010
Kindle Edition
298 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

OKLAHOMA BRIDE COPES WITH WARTIME SEPARATIONMilly and Robert fall in love on December 7, 1941, the same day the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. He becomes a Marine pilot, and in spite of her parents disapproval, they marry. While war rages on two continents, she awaits his return from the South Pacific. Raised in Tulsa, Milly moves to Roberts isolated ranch and becomes Uncle Charleys cook and ranch hand. Together, they survive a blizzard, a tornado, and a tragedy involving neighbors at Eureka Springs. Meanwhile, Robert flies bombing missions over Rabaul, an enemy supply base. Later, he transports men and supplies to Tinian, the island from which the atomic bomb is launched. Milly attends college in Alton, and becomes a successful junior high school teacher. When the Germans surrender in Europe in 1945, she celebrates V-E Day with her friends, Audrey and Sidney. Letters keep Milly and Roberts marriage alive during the war, but many brave Americans are killed or wounded before the Japanese finally surrender and Robert comes home.